Another Version: Follow The Queen Poker Rules

One of the more popular forms of poker is called Follow the Queen. Learning Follow the Queen poker rules is easy, as they build on the 7 Stud version.

7 Stud is one of the most popular forms of poker out there. It is available at many live casinos, and at most online establishments. The inclusion of cards facing up adds an exciting dimension to the game that most players find enjoyable, and keeps this a popular variation of an already popular game. For this reason, many companies and establishments have begun to develop new versions of this popular activity, to set themselves apart from the rest and to appease the large crowds. This is one such result of this experimentation, and is a popular choice for those looking for a little change from their usual poker routines. Individuals looking for this kind of change, or who want their evenings to be made a little more memorable, would do well to look into these versions; learning the few additional Follow the Queen poker rules is not difficult at all, and most of them will be summarized below.

As the name correctly implies, this variation places a special value and emphasis on the queen. For the most part, the rules coincide with 7 stud very nicely. As with 7 stud, each player begins with two cards facing down and one facing up. If a queen shows up facing down or in the hand, it is considered wild. If, however, it is a face-up, the next face-up is considered wild, as are all similar cards. For example, if she shows up right before a 7 of clubs is dealt face-up, then all 7s are considered wild for the remainder of the game, or until another player sets a different face-up as wild with their own queen. Should one show up as the final face-up card of the game, then it will also be considered the next card in succession, and become wild itself. This adds an entirely new gameplay element that makes it extremely difficult to force an opponent out early, because they always have a chance of changing the entire game around with wild cards. It helps to be able to judge how willing an opponent is to risk their strategies on this occurrence. Matches are best won with strong knowledge of the rules and a good sense of the opposition, as well as a strong ability to judge risks and a little bit of luck never hurts in any casino activity.

This variation along with the Follow the Queen poker rules are designed to be an exciting addition to change up the normal rules of stud, and it is important to remember that the idea behind these variations is far more geared towards fun than profit. With this in mind, as well as the aforementioned skill, know-how, ability to judge character, and luck, anyone can be well on their way to a fun time and a little bit of profit off of a few changes here and there in the popular casino activity.