Poker Bonuses Explained for Beginners

Poker is easily one of the most popular and lucrative games within the gambling world and especially at USA sites. As a result, a great number of promotions used by casinos involve the game in some form. This article focuses on poker bonuses explained in detail.

In online establishments, it is fairly common to be given certain sign-up bonuses as a reward for simply joining the website. These can take a few different forms. Some will involve a small sum of money given to new users to begin gambling with. These earnings are geared towards giving newcomers an opportunity to get a feel for the website and try out some of the games without staking their own money. Other websites may give deposit bonuses, though these are usually dependent on meeting other criteria, such as gathering points through playing other games. Immediate deposits are more useful rewards for new users, but aren't as useful or profitable in the long run.

In the poker world, it is entirely possible to lose a round despite having a very strong hand. Some establishments recognize this as an extremely frustrating scenario and offer compensation for those who lose while holding strong hands, such as four-of-a-kind or a straight flush. This is referred to as a bad beat bonus. Usually, this is a share of the big blind. Some establishments will cap their bad beat promotions at between $500 and $1,000, while others (usually more popular ones) have no limit on the amount you can win this way. This offer is less commonly seen in tournament play or in games that involve less than three people. This is a common promotion designed to lessen the frustration of losing rounds despite having a potentially winning hand and another reason why it is so important to have poker bonuses explained.

A somewhat less common offer, the royal flush bonus may be given to those who have a royal flush hand (an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 that are all of the same suit). A person who has this hand has a very good chance of winning that round, and some casinos will add a few hundred dollars on top of their winnings (usually as high as $300). In most establishments, this will only be given to an individual that both has a royal flush hand and wins the pot for that round. It usually is not given if the player doesn't use both of their pocket cards, if they are playing with less than three people, or if they lose the round despite having a royal flush.

Like any institution that wants to draw attention to their most popular avenue of business, casinos are happy to reward good poker players with more than their usual winnings. The poker bonuses explained in this article are, naturally, not the only promotions casinos offer, but they are the most common ones. Unsurprisingly, the kinds of promotions players may receive vary from casino to casino. It is almost certain, however, that any given establishment will have some promotion surrounding the game of poker - it's almost too popular not to.