Best of Poker Stars

When it comes to poker, there are only two - the Poker Stars and others. This company is very prominent as it occupies almost half of the online gaming industry's total percentage. In fact, the estimated number of its patriots is greater than 120,000 in year 2008. The statistics for the current year is absolutely multiplied several times already.

Since the game is very popular worldwide, there are always a lot of players. Greater number of gamers leads to greater chances of winning big money. You can easily find co-players whenever you need one. Given the wide audience, the site conducts an annual World Championship of Online Poker tournament available throughout the globe.

The brand is one of the pioneers in showcasing adjustable tables for multi-gaming. Simplicity reflects on the table games since there is no character or graphic involved. The clean design lets you focus on your game alone. On the downside, no avatars are shown on your rivals' area.

Its game range includes Omaha, Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Five Card Draw, HORSE, and Deuce to Seven Triple Draw.

Based on the review, bonus is the weakness of Poker Stars. Average incentives are what the brand gives off. The welcome bonus, free rolls, and reload credits are just standard. Despite this shortcoming, the company still maintains its elite image.

Poker Stars implements a very firm security in every transaction within its terrain, whether it is in the game arena or in money matter. On top of this, the company verifies the legal age of each gamer to eliminate fake accounts and other malicious acts. Every player surely feels a solid safety because of the strict rules of the site.

For your issues and concerns regarding the brand, its customer support is accessible 24/7. You can reach them via email messages or phone calls. The representatives speak English and Spanish so language should not be an issue. Within a short period of time, your concerns will be addressed.

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